Life is.....good!

So many things have been going on the last 4 months...Biggest news is I'm pregnant! Kind of a surprise but something I have been wanting for a long time. I took Ava swimming about a month ago, pretty regular evening. As we were leaving and walking into the locker room she looked at me and said "Mom you are pregnant!" I was a little embarrassed at first because she said it in front of a lot of people. Then as we got home I started thinking about it, and how weird it was for her to even say the word "pregnant". So being the neurotic individual that I am I was off to get a test. The test of course came back positive. So here I am....9 weeks along. There was a time I thought I would never be blessed to experience this again. Now at times it seems my blessings are never ending. Whit is having a baby too, and we get cousins that will only be 4 months apart! I can't wait to meet her baby boy.

The new year has brought some other changes in my family. Changes that have been so wonderful I feel like I'm still getting used to them...or waiting for the changes to stop. I can honestly say these last 4 months I am happier than I have been in a long time....like 3 years long. Are things perfect? No way! But I actually feel important ....whether I am or not who knows...but I feel like I am and that's all I care about. There has been an attentiveness...(is that a word?) that has never been present before and I'm so thankful for it. I always say...it's a Tyler effort...but it's still an effort!

Ava and Tyler have become quite the little buddies. As she is getting older and somewhat easier to take places they do a lot together. She told me the other night that Dad was her best friend. They even have a little saying....Tyler will say righteo princess...and she always responds with righteo batman. So silly but so cute.

Last month I was asked to be an assistant to the ward camp director. I am pretty excited about this. While I don't get to go to camp for the whole week, I still get to help plan which will be so fun. I get to work with Annie Tanner and Misti Bruedder. Love these ladies! Misti and I were joking at our last meeting how we had only gone to camp once and never went back...hopefully these girls will have a great experience and want to go back for another year.

Things are busy! I am still working at Premier and I picked up a day at Rupes during the week. Ava is busy with school and dance. Tyler will be busy with golf if the weather can stay nice for longer than a day! Life is....good!


Well it has been too long since I wrote something. Actually I'm thinking not writing anything these last few months was probably a good thing haha. For those of you who know me, you know why. I'm going to get it together and start posting more stuff, good stuff. We are having family pics tomorrow morning so I gotta get some sleep!


The Job

Alright I started working. It's a really good job as in it pays well and it has insurance and all that good stuff. Do I want to be working? No. This has been a tough week, leaving Ava and going back to an 8-5 schedule. Tough for Tyler too. The last 8 months sure went by fast, I was really enjoying staying home and being just a mom for a change. Okay I'll stop whining about it. On the bright side it makes me wake up before 9 haha.....and I actually have to be ready and out of the house by 7:30 instead of 11ish. I can do this, it's for my own benefit. I needed a job and I am grateful that I found one that's in Blackfoot. Believe me, I looked for 2 months and there was nothing. I know it was a blessing for me. It will make feel a little bit more independent.

Also things are settling down a little bit at my house, this is a good thing, I think. I'm just going to take it day by day and see how things go. The last few months I have had this horrible guilt, especially when it came to Ava. I just want to know for myself that I did my best, my best for Ava and for me and Tyler. If it doesn't work out then hopefully I will feel okay in the future knowing I did give it my best shot. Everything that has been going on still seems unreal. I didn't really ever think anything like this would happen. I mean you get married with all these exciting ideas of what your life is going to be like..... I just assumed everything would work itself out. But people don't change unless they want to for themselves, and that has been a hard reality.

I must say my family has been so amazing. I know they would help me and support me in anything I do. Life is hard, that is all there is to it, but it can be made easier by those around you. My dad told me a few times that marriage is hard no matter who you are with you, you will always have disagreements, they might be disagreements about other things, but there will always be disagreements.


I don't really know what to write about this month. I would actually like to delete the last few months from my memory....wouldn't that be nice. I guess I should say I found a job. I'm really not looking forward to working full time again, but that's the way life goes. I keep telling myself to look on the bright side of all this but I haven't found one yet. I really can't say to many good, exciting things right now. January was not a good month, February will be better....lets all pray.


The New, New Year

So it has been a long time since I have posted anything. There is a lot going on over here at my house most of it is not so good right now. But let me start with Washington, I had so much fun! The temple was beautiful and huge, me and Tyler's mom got lost at one point. I saw as much as was possible in 3 days. Of course I missed lots of things but we didn't care we were so tired after all the walking. It was a pretty city but I don't want to go back for a long time. There was so many trees and parks and people it was nice. I actually made it on my flights as well.....it wasn't that bad with medication and hymns. Christmas was also so much fun this year, I think it gets out of hand in my family but I still love it! We have 3 Christmases every year, 1 with my dad, 1 with my mom and Scott, and 1 with Ty's family. So yeah it obviously is going to get out of hand with 3 full Christmases. We are spoiled, there is no other way to say it. I tried to explain the real reason for Christmas to Ava, and all she could get was that is was Jesus's birthday so that's why we have presents. It will be easier next year I think. After Christmas things got a little rough but we are working through it and everything will be okay, I think. I'm grateful for a new year, hopefully it will be a fresh start. I'm trying to decide about school and some other things.....gosh I want to finish! It's a life goal, I always wanted to be able to tell my kids I completed college. So I will have to see how things work out. Happy New Year to everyone!


It's the night before I leave for Washington D.C. and I am really nervous. I don't want to leave my baby bean for 5 long days. I already can feel myself missing her, my heart aches...really. I am excited about seeing a new temple and spending time with family but I wish Ava was older so she could come and keep me happy and calm. We have been doing all the usual at our house, the tree and hanging up stockings and all the rest. Ava is so excited we both can't stand it. She saw Santa last week and she wasn't as brave as I thought she would be. It was so cute though. We also attended the princess tea which I had been looking foreword to for months. We had so much fun, the best time. It was so fancy and all pink and totally girly. We went with Ty's mom and sister and my mom and sister. Ava sang along with the music and actually sat in her chair...what an accomplishment haha. I just love motherhood, all that it brings is indescribable. I am so blessed to have such a sweet spirit in my home, even though things get crazy, I love every minute of Ava. While I'm on blessings.....let me say that my dad also falls into this category. I have so much to be grateful for and sometimes I just forget, and of course I get reminded one way or another. When Ava saw Santa last week we were looking at names for the giving tree, I couldn't believe the big stack this year. So many people have so much less, there was a 16 year old boy asking for deodorant for Christmas.....deodorant. I love Christmas so much it's the best time of year so we are going to try and do some extra stuff this year to help a family in need. It will just make it a better Christmas. Well wish me luck on my trip! I will post pics when I get back!


Boredom has struck again....

So I'm just sitting here as usual with lots to do and no will to get off the couch and do any of it. I had to work today so nothing got done at home, and I didn't get to see my Ava all day so my evening was taken up with dishes and playing with bean. Tyler is still working lots of nights so every night around 9:00 or so, when there is nothing on T.V. and no books to read, I find myself in a boredom predicament. So as I type this I'm watching above and Beyonce.....yeah isn't that great? Oh one thing I can say is that I got to see Twilight over the weekend.....really disappointed, I mean I still love the books and the movie wasn't terrible but...kinda corny. I'm thinking maybe they should put a little more money into the next one and it might be better. Of course what am I saying, books are usually always better than the movies, and it's always better when you can imagine whoever you want playing the parts, Edward especially. I think I hear Ty pulling in....so my night has come to an end, thank goodness!